Alpha Networking

Alpha Networking might sound intimidating maybe even pretentious but that's only if you are not an ALPHA. In the world we live in today, an ALPHA is not someone who is formidable but someone who is enviable. Someone who won't settle, who wants to grow and meet like minded people who want the same. You see, an ALPHA is truly an IDEA person. We all know IDEA people and we don't run from these people we flock to them because an IDEA person is:


I am not afraid to admit that I am an IDEA person and even more willing to announce that I am an ALPHA. And the best part of being an ALPHA is that is begets meeting others ALPHA individuals. And because you can't really know those other ALPHAs until you meet them to face to face I formed a networking group.

I'm building real relationships between like minded people by simply bringing networking back to your neighborhood. Join me.